Sixty is sexy

In February of 2013, my mom turned sixty; so to celebrate the occasion in a big and unexpected way, the family decided to throw her a surprise party. The theme was "I'm Sixty and I Know It."

I created a "sexy" Studio 54-inspired mark that would ultimately be applied to invitations. This concept became the art direction for the whole party—we chose groupings of gold and black balloons, and gold tablecloths. Gold and black confetti was placed on each table, and a mirror ball (that I was hell-bent on finding) was hung from the ceiling.


Rock out on the runway

After spending the last few years frequenting trendy, edgy Hair Metal in Williamsburg, I decided to find out what the over-the-top Heavy Metal-themed salon would look like with a clean, upscale look and feel. I created the self-initiated redesigned mark, and later applied it to stationery and a fictitious product line.


Bon voyage... Off to the bazaar

Jonathan Adler wanted to launch a marketplace of curated goods on jonathanadler.com—shoppers would be able to browse the bazaar from the comfort of their own homes. To keep it simple while still speaking to the subject matter, the mark I created gave a nod to the look and feel of customs stamps.


A new voice

Inspired by an old design brief from my time at Tyler School of Art, I created the mark for The Village Voice's Sunday magazine—if there was one—as a 2009 side experiment. Vox was meant to be the The Voice's Sunday soapbox for fashion, lifestyle and the arts. Outlining the center of the "O" in the mark hints at an open mouth, and a delicate flourish adds artful punctuation at the end.


The bohemian kitchen

I started my food blog in May of 2010. Aimed at showing simple, easy to follow recipes that would inspire others to give dietary veganism a try, the blog focused on beautiful graphics and photography. The mark was meant to feel free-spirited, keeping with the bohemian concept.


A sweet alternative to traditional baked goods

When a popular local restaurant became interested in adding my carrot cake cupcakes to their menu, I made the decision to start a vegan baking company specializing in homestyle gourmet cupcakes. The first thing I needed was an identity that would help me to stand out and look professional when selling my baked goods. The mark needed to be suggestive of an old-fashioned homestyle bakery but still feel modern. To keep with the DIY theme, it was applied to take-away boxes and bags with a custom-made rubber stamp.