Bridging the gap between research partners and agency creatives

Research and Creative are perfect complements.

How do you sell a process that's built on partnership when one half of the partnership isn't usually thrilled about working with the other? Traditionally, agency creatives tend to view market research with disdain — they feel it gets in their way and obstructs the creative process. But the reality is, Research and Creative are better together. Research has the power to make Creative stronger when both are partnered and working in tandem.

The Better Together campaign was built to annihilate that "us" vs. "them" mentality. Dynamic duos can be powerful, and throughout history there are quite a few who have certainly proven themselves timeless classics.

An inspirational booklet became a conversation-starter, to help internal clients get their foot in the door with agency partners by removing attitudinal barriers and inspiring an upbeat dialogue based around partnership. The realization that a huge budget and flashy components weren’t necessary — just an idea that our stakeholders could easily exemplify, which is exactly what they did — turned the final campaign into a product that was much simpler than expected. And it paid off immediately, winning $1.3M of business just over the first few months after launch.

Discipline: Marketing and Communications