Information Design


Getting to 100 Fortune 500 female CEOs by 2025

There are only 21 women at the helm of Fortune 500 companies—less than 5 percent. Having women in high-powered positions is important, but there are still systemic barriers that have kept women from reaching them. As part of The Rockefeller Foundation's 100x25 campaign aiming to remedy this by achieving 100 women in Fortune 500 CEO roles by 2025, Global Strategy Group conducted research that points overwhelmingly to the fact that while most are in agreement in favor of change, Americans don't realize how big the gender leadership gap really is. To highlight these findings, we developed an infographic, accompanying report, and social media posts for The Rockefeller Foundation to use in promoting the research as part of the campaign. The infographic and report appeared in a Fast Company article, and the infographic was also distributed to attendees at the Forbes Women's Summit.


Growth Rings

TNS—part of Kantar, one of the world's largest insight, information and consultancy groups—delivers precise plans to identify growth opportunities for clients. There are four ways TNS can help clients grow their business: Through loyalty and new spend, new customers, new products and services, and new markets.

We wanted to see which paths some of the well-known businesses we respect the most took to grow from seed to giant, so we researched growth-driving events over the course of their histories and visualized them as tree rings. Each color represents one of the four paths to growth. By looking at a company's Growth Rings, it's easy to very clearly see the main path they've taken.


What's your flavor category?

Brooklyn Victory Garden wanted a poster to hang next to their cold case that would help guide beer-loving shoppers in picking their ideal brew. The poster breaks down the seven flavor categories of beer and gives example pairings for each. Each category is marked according to BVG's product signage system to make it easy for shoppers to find the products matching their preferred style.