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Sixty is sexy


In February, my mom turned sixty; so to celebrate the occasion in a big and unexpected way, we decided to throw her a surprise party. The theme was "I'm Sixty and I Know It." Commissioned to handle the invitations, I arrived at a "sexy" gold and black Studio 54-style concept and rolled with it, creating a nice little mark and invitation that went out as an HTML email invite (and a printed invitation for those who were not as hip to the whole email thang). This concept became the art direction for the whole party—we chose groupings of gold and black balloons, and gold tablecloths. Gold and black confetti was placed on each table, and a mirror ball (that I was hell-bent on finding) was hung from the ceiling.

I traveled home to Philly for the big event and crashed with my brother so no one would know I was there. Mom was definitely surprised... And thrilled! They all made me hide in the kitchen for the initial "Surprise!", and motioned for me to walk out afterwards for a second little shock. Mom had no idea I was there, so we hit her with the good ol' double surprise and totally made her day.

Alyssa YeagerComment