Alyssa Yeager is an NYC-based Art Director and Designer with a passion for photography and writing.

Here's a brief history of who I am and why we should connect:

After earning my BFA in Graphic Design from the Tyler School of Art in 2001, I worked as a designer at a small publishing company in the Philly ‘burbs before telling everyone I knew that I was going to move to NYC, and then landing a job and actually having to go through with it.

I began my career in editorial design, and since then I've had the opportunity to do a bunch of fun work, gain valuable experience, and explore my entrepreneurial spirit working at companies like Brooklyn Industries and Jonathan Adler. Most recently I'd been exploring the possibilities for information design, driving creative and leading a small team of changemakers in New York City at global research company, TNS. In April of 2016 I jumped at a new opportunity to develop and drive creative at New York City-based Public Affairs firm, Global Strategy Group.

In my free time I've been known to do photography work for various brands' social media channels, focusing on food, still life, and street photography; and I further explore my passion for art through painting and drawing at Alyssa Yeager Studio.

I care enough about the world to engage with it politically. I want to encourage debate without hate. I think critically and creatively. I question authority instead of blindly following, which equates to deeply valuing and being inspired by strong and compassionate, honest, ethical leaders. And I'm incredibly passionate about proving not just design's role in business, but the need for strong creatives to lead that charge in partnership with business executives.

I'm a dog person but I have two cats, I would like to see Planet of the Apes performed as a ballet, and I'm entirely serious when I say that my mom, my grandfather and my aunt (all together at the same time) once saw a UFO.

Why Hyperfocus?

I picked the name Hyperfocus for my personal website in 2008. Those with ADD know the wonders of hyper focus all too well... Sitting at your desk entrenched in solving a creative brief, totally unaware of the room on fire around you is a (tiny) possibility. What that translates to for clients is a superhuman ability to be present for you, and do cool and exciting work for you, without distraction.

Over the years I've toyed with switching to a generic domain (like alyssayeager.com). But there's just something about Hyperfocus.

Photo by Benjamin Stone

Photo by Benjamin Stone

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