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Clean design married with wit can make marketing and products beautiful, intelligent and fun. My mission is to enhance and add value to brands with design. I develop and bring great ideas and stories to life, and help others to do the same.



This is where I blog about things.
I tell stories from my own point of view because I want others to get to know me, and I want to inspire others to share their views, too. Why? Because compelling and insightful stories are a powerful tool for encouraging serious, patient consideration of the perspectives and concerns of others. I love my opinions (maybe you will, too... or maybe you'll want to politely challenge them. Either is welcome)!


About me

Alyssa Yeager is an NYC-based Art Director and designer with a passion for photography.

She's had the opportunity to do a bunch of fun work, gain lots of experience, and explore her entrepreneurial spirit working at companies like Brooklyn Industries and Jonathan Adler.


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